Automobile Body Parts

We are offering premium quality Automobile Body Parts that are designed by using advanced technologies as per the industrial standards that make them sturdy and robust in constructions. These components are available in various different shapes and sizes as per the model of the vehicle in which they are going to be installed. These engineering grade elements are also provided with a smooth and shiny surface anti-corrosion coating for the prevention against rusting that leads to longer service life. There are many different types of such heavy duty Automobile Body Parts availed by us which includes floor panel, fendor apron, side body panel and many more. 

Front Suspension Crossmember

We are offering best in class premium quality Front Suspension Crossmember which is designed and developed as per the industrial standards by using heavy engineering materials that makes it capable to resist extreme working conditions. It is tested under various test conditions which results in longer service life. It is available in various different sizes as per the vehicle in which it is going to be installed. Front Suspension Crossmember availed by us is fixed with various attachments for easy installation.

Fender Apron And Radiator Support Panel

Cowl Panel

Cowl Panel is a sturdy grilled cover which is used to close the gap in between your car hood and windshield for the protection of area in between. It also prevents the entry of debris and other unwanted elements into the engine compartment and filters. Top grade hard plastic is used for the manufacturing of this Cowl Panel which imparts higher strength and rigidity. It can be easily installed with the help of mechanical fasteners.

Roof Panel

Roof Panel is a robust designer sheet with curved edges that adds aesthetic and acts as a protective shed for the driver and passengers inside the car. It is designed and developed by using latest production techniques which results in high structural accuracy, smoother finish and zero manufacturing flaws. The offered Roof Panel can be customized into different sizes as per customer demands. It is also provided with a black colored anti-corrosive coating to prevent surface damages due to rust and corrosion.

Floor Panel

Floor Panel also known as floor pan is a thin and sturdy metallic designer sheet which is especially designed for the four wheeled vehicles. It is provided with a series of metal stamping to fix it to the base of the car. It lays the foundation for various mechanical, structural and electrical components within the automobile. Best in class alloyed steel is used for the fabrication of this rigid Floor Panel that makes it capable to prevent damages due to heavy impacts and vibrations.

Side Body Panel

Our company deals in the supplying and exporting of heavy duty Side Body Panel which acts as the side shield of the car and also acts as a support frame for doors, side mirrors and other components. Premium grade alloyed steel is used for the fabrication of this designer and highly finished part that makes it free from manufacturing flaws. The offered Side Body Panel is heat treated which improves internal strength and the surface is provided with anti-corrosive coating to prevent damages.

Front And Rear Bumper

Back Panel And Trunk Lid

Radiator And Bumper Grille

Fog Lamp Covers

Aviation Motors offers top quality highly aesthetic Fog Lamp Covers which is used as a protective casing for the safety of lights bulbs. It is available in various different designs and sizes as per customer requirements and car models in which it is going to be installed. It is made up by using advanced injection molding technologies which results in high dimensional accuracy and smoother surface finish. Get this top grade Fog Lamp Covers in large quantities at a reasonable price range.


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