Automobile Transmission Parts

Buy from us premium class Automobile Transmission Parts that are responsible for the controlled and smooth and noiseless working of the power transmission unit in vehicle. These component parts are manufactured as per advanced manufacturing techniques that make them highly accurate in dimensions and free from flaws. The offered range of such heavy duty Automobile Transmission Parts are tested under various loads and vibration conditions that make capable to bear extreme working conditions of the power train within the vehicles that ultimately results in longer life and less risk of damages dur to impact forces in bad road conditions. 

Transaxle Case Or Transaxle Housing

Transaxle Gear

Transaxle Gear is a combinational type transmission unit which is designed for the medium to heavy duty vehicles for efficient transfer of mechanical power to the drive wheels. It mainly combines the function of axle and differential into one integrated assembly. The gears of this units are machined with high precision for smooth and noiseless running. Get this heavy duty Transaxle Gear from our company as per your requirements at a reasonable price range with an assurance fast and safe delivery.

Gear Shift Control

Gear Shift Control is a manual control lever which makes it easier for the driver to change gears as per the speed of the vehicle and road conditions. The body of this component is fabricated by using best in class stainless steel with high tensile strength and sturdiness. The top end of this spare part is fixed with a round shaped gripper covered with leather which ensures better gripping action for perfect control. Buy from us this sturdy Gear Shift Control in large quantities as per your requirements at a low price.

Clutch And Release Fork

Buy from us sturdy and robust Clutch And Release Fork which is designed by using advanced machining technologies that makes it dimensionally accurate and free from manufacturing flaws. It is used to easily pull out the plate during the releasing of clutch to prevent further transfer of power. Top grade alloyed materials are used for the fabrication of this heavy duty Clutch And Release Fork which results in high strength and robustness that ultimately leads to longer service life.

Transaxle Assy Gearbox

We are one of the leading supplier and exporter of heavy duty Transaxle Assy Gearbox which is designed and developed as per the industrial standards by using latest machining technologies for the smooth transmission of power without the risk of damages. It is equipped with a series of interconnected gears which ensures higher efficiency and low power loss. The offered Transaxle Assy Gearbox can be customized on customer demands as per the vehicles in which it is going to be installed.

Clutch Master Cyliner

Clutch Master Cylinder is an essential part of a vehicle transmission system which works by transferring the hydraulic power to easily release the clutch to disconnect power in between engine and other transmission components. It is connected to the foot pedal which when pressed increases the pressure fluid pressure within the Clutch Master Cylinder to deliver power. Customers can get this premium grade automotive spare part from us in bulk at a reasonable price range.

Drive Shaft

Drive Shaft is a robust and rigid transmission element which is especially designed for the power transferring to the rear wheels in four wheeled vehicles. It simply works by transferring the engine torque from gearbox or differential unit to the wheels. It is designed as per automobile standards for perfect synchronization in between the joints. Drive Shaft availed by us is tested under various torsional and shear stress which results in higher strength, sturdiness and longer service life.

Oil Pump

Oil Pump is a sturdy and rigid highly efficient lubricant pumping unit which circulates the oil into the rotating bearings, the sliding pistons and the camshaft of the internal combustion engine for the smooth, noiseless and wearing free movement to enhance the working life of the component parts. It is commonly installed within the automotive wet-sump systems. The external casing of the offered Oil Pump is made up of top grade mild steel to resist harsh working conditions.


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